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LTCi Not A One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Learn how Gabrielle Gelo leverages product diversity to navigate a complicated Long-Term Care marketplace & help more clients.

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Dial Inflation Down to Dial Sales Up

Andy Moss has developed a unique approach to success with Long-Term Care Insurance that makes it easier for customers to say "yes".

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LTCi Alternatives Address Complicated Health Situations

See how Charlie McClure successfully navigates tricky health situations in LTCi sales with Critical Cash.

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CVS Health Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement from a brand your customers know and trust.

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15 Apr

Spotlight on TransAmerica's Trendsetter LB

AIM's Anthony Sadeddin and TransAmerica's Zach Moisey are teaming up to show you the features of TransAmerica's Trendsetter LB, a term life insurance policy with living benefi ...


29 Apr

MoO's Critical Advantage: The Perfect Fit for Your Clients

In light of Mutual of Omaha's recent revamp of their Critical Advantage portfolio, AIM's Mike Anderson will be teaming up with Mutual's Allison Shanks and Michael Prothe to gi ...


6 May

GTL: Precision Care Cancer Insurance

GTL's Precision Care Cancer Insurance is designed to give policyholders access to groundbreaking treatment advancements which may not be covered by other insurance. In collabo ...

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Errors & Ommissions Program

AIM is committed to your career success. Our goal is to continually offer outstanding new programs and services that will help you build and protect your business. A great example is the development of one of the most competitive agent Errors & Omissions plans in the industry. You may qualify for a reduced premium by placing your coverage with American Independent Marketing direct.