Helping Americans protect retirement assets and planning is more difficult now than ever. But a small group of LTC specialists continues to find ways to succeed.

Andy Moss, a veteran agent in Florida, has been capitalizing on the inflation flexibility in Mutual of Omaha’s Custom Solutions product as a driving force in sales to an Association Group.

“The most important thing is price,” he said. “I explain that they’ll be getting less initially but that they can add more without underwriting when necessary.”

Mutual of Omaha is the only LTC carrier to allow policyholders to add benefits after the policy is approved by Underwriting. The option is good for 20 years or until the policyholder turns 75, whichever happens first.

Andy has been consistently moving the starting inflation down from the industry standard of 3 %, going as low as 2 percent to take advantage of the lower pricing and guide the applicants to a price point where they are comfortable moving forward.

“Plus, the clients are usually healthier when they are younger,” he noted.

He’s found a way to keep the moving parts simple to understand.

“I honestly keep it pretty simple and just explain the buy up and how it can work,” he said. “I’ve found it actually sells itself.”