About AIM

Why Work With AIM

When you make a choice to work with a marketer, you want more than just a contract.

Agents have been successfully growing their businesses with help from American Independent Marketing (AIM) for more than three decades. Our longevity is the result of our ability to understand the needs of agents. We believe that there are five key strengths that set us apart:

1. Customer Service

We create the best opportunity for you to succeed.
We’re a sales organization first. Our advanced marketers know our industry inside and out and deliver superior service. Many have experience selling our products whether it’s Long-Term Care insurance, Medicare Supplements, Critical Illness, Life or Annuities.

They will assist you with each case by providing essential support services such as:

• Case Design
• Quick Turn-around on Proposals
• Company Comparisons
• Carrier Advocacy
• Application Scrubbing
• Custom Production Reporting
• 24/7 New Business Tracking
• Underwriting Pre-screening

2. Knowledge

When you need answers, you need AIM.
Our time and experience in the insurance industry make us a highly effective business partner to work with. You’re serious about your business and we fully appreciate how limited and valuable your time is when responding to the needs of your clients. That’s why we see your need for accurate information as both important and immediate and you deserve it from seasoned professionals who know the business inside and out.

Our objective is to see you maximizing your time selling and take as much non-revenue generating activity off your desk as possible.

3. Training

The Learning Never Stops At AIM.
Helping you increase your sales is at the core of all the training we do. That’s why our sales training curriculum is rooted in real world sales ideas that work! Additionally, our training venues present a unique opportunity for you to meet and exchange ideas with other agents in your field. Our agents tell us that this opportunity to meet and share ideas alone is a huge incentive for attending our workshops. Additionally, a library of online training resources is available to you 24 hours a day.

4. Tools

Our Tools Make You More Effective
The right tools can go a long way towards reinforcing your overall sales efforts and enhancing your efficiency.

When working with AIM, you will have access to a suite of unique sales support tools that are intuitive and easy to use. What makes our tools so effective is the fact that they are built upon the many inputs we’ve received from our agents in the field.

5. WhyAIM.com Login

Your Agent Dashboard Keeps You Focused
When working with AIM, you’ll have your own personalized dashboard that gives you convenient access to everything you need to manage your business, including:

• Your production data via our Pending Application Status System
• Industry and carrier updates
• AIM’s event calendar
• Sales Resources, Webinar Recordings, and Training Library
• Forms and Software Downloads
• Ordering supplies
• Online Contracting

Staying on top of your business has never been easier. Your personalized dashboard is accessible through WhyAIM.com and organizes all of the information you need on a single user-friendly location.

About AIM

With a rich history spanning more than three decades, American Independent Marketing (AIM) is recognized as one of the most prominent and successful long term care wholesale marketing organizations in the country. AIM is also a leading national distributor of Critical Illness and Medicare supplement products, annuities and an array of other supplemental and niche life and health insurance products.

Our winning strategy is simple – focus and perform – in meeting the ever-changing and diverse needs of the brokerage insurance market. We put the needs of agents at the forefront of everything we do. Whether you are a personal producing agent or a large national general agency, we have the experience and the resources to meet your product, training and administrative support needs. You won’t find a more capable or eager group of people anywhere in the country to help you succeed.

AIM’s Focus on Retirement Protection Strategies Continues to Evolve
It all started 30 years ago with Long-Term Care insurance and Medicare Supplements. Through the years our focus on offering the very best retirement protection solutions has never wavered and the AIM product portfolio has grown to become one of the most complete in the industry providing our agents access to multiple markets from a single source.

AIM’s Heritage in Proprietary Product Development
Our extensive marketing experience has taught us that there are times when “off the shelf” product solutions don’t reflect evolving market needs. Rather than compromise, AIM has taken a leadership role in developing and marketing products designed to meet evolving consumer needs. The success of these efforts has created a win/win for our agents, offering them access to the finest mainstream carrier solutions along with our own proprietary products.

Agents being recruited are independent contractors.

David Wane
General Manager
Tiffani Karnes
Operations Manager
Mike Anderson
Lead Internal Wholesaler
Nesha Catron
Regional Marketing Director
Don Erickson
Lead Internal Wholesaler
Lisa Fambrough
Chrystin Firestone
Derek Lape
Regional Marketing Director
Brandi Butterfield
Case Manager
Dale Moore
IT Manager
Amy Dart
Makayla Sisson
Administrative Assistant