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Webinar: Thrivent LTC: Plan Your Own Care

Long Term Care Insurance

Join Thrivent’s Anthony Vossenberg and Derek Lape from AIM for an in-depth look at why you need Thrivent’s LTC solutions in your portfolio. Anthony will take a high level of overview of the company, their traditional and linked-benefit LTC solutions and key product differentiators.

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Webinar: We’ve Cracked the Code: Keeping LTC Affordable

Long Term Care Insurance

We helped design the product and now we’ve cracked the code to help you position Mutual of Omaha’s repriced LTC plan for affordability. Join Mike to get a look at the cost-saving strategies you can begin utilizing today! Find out how to use all three parts of the Inflation Benefit to get your client’s premium to the price point where affordability lives and where they will make a decision today knowing they can make additional decisions down the road.

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Webinar: Attend this webinar and fall in love at first sight!


We have a brand new Dental/Vision opportunity that’s enough of a show-stopper we wanted to make certain that you don’t miss out on this chance see for yourself why an enhanced product like this can be a great fit in your portfolio and give your practice a competitive edge in the senior space. You will hear directly from AIM’s Senior Internal Wholesaler, Don Erickson and the carrier marketing team about what differentiates this product and why the top comp and enhanced benefit levels are the value propositions that will make sales easy for you. Join us to see how this can be a strong play in your portfolio!

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Webinar: Get Access to the BEST Lead Availability Platform

Digital marketing

Agents want leads, and now we have access to arguably the best Senior Market lead generator out there. We can help you get everything you need for lead management in one place with LeadCENTER. Join Senior Internal Wholesaler Mike Anderson to find out more!

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Webinar: Senior Market sales have NEVER been easier!

Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you don’t have access to MedicareCENTER, you need to attend this webinar! We can help you get everything you need for MedSupp sales and client management in one place with AIM. Join Senior Internal Wholesaler Mike Anderson to find out more.

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Webinar: Back to Basics - Selling Solutions

Business Operations

The basics -- whether sticking with them or going back to them -- can be the building blocks for sales success. It can become easy to just try to sell the newest product, but this can lead agents to overcomplicate what a client truly needs. Join Derek for a dive into to basics of selling solutions to your clients and keeping your sales simple.

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The Ancillary Products You NEED in Your Toolbox!

Critical Illness Insurance

In today’s complicated healthcare environment, having the right coverage to fill in gaps is more important than ever. Join AIM’s Don Erickson and LifeSecure’s Chris Allen for a dive into a LifeSecure’s ancillary products including Accident, Critical Illness and their new and exciting Term Life and Final Expense options! LifeSecure has a vast array of fantastic ancillary products that you need to have in your toolbox! These products are strong in all age groups with simple plan designs, guaranteed issue opportunities and easy online applications.

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Webinar: Long Term Care Insurance for Asset Protection

Long Term Care Insurance

Having the right strategy is one way to protect your wealth. Being prepared for long-term care is another. Join Don Erickson and special guest Stephen Alloy from Mutual of Omaha for a webinar that will highlight how both traditional LTC as well as life insurance with an LTC rider can help protect your client’s independence, assets, and family by planning for long-term care needs.

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Webinar: The Four Things You Don’t Know About NGL

Long Term Care Insurance

Join AIM’s Derek Lape and Larry Moore of NGL to get an in-depth understanding of four key things about the National Guardian Life LTC product and why agents need to have it to ensure a balanced portfolio as more and more states enter into Payroll Tax campaigns over the next few years.

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Webinar: Meet the LTC Policy that just Reduced Premium Rates by 25%

LTCi Alternatives

SecureCare III is an Asset Based LTC policy with cash indemnity benefits from Securian Financial.  With multiple premium options and a guaranteed death benefit, you won’t want to miss this! Join AIM’s Don Erickson and James Romero from Securian Financial they cover all of the guaranteed features and benefits SecureCare III has to offer, all at a reduced price.

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Webinar: Fill the Gaps with Medico’s Hospital Indemnity Plan

Hospital Indemnity

Out-of-pocket medical costs can add up quickly when clients go into the hospital. Medicare Advantage covers some expenses associated with a hospital stay, but not all of them. The good news is Medico’s Hospital Indemnity insurance, and its riders can help! Join AIM’s Don Erickson and Medico’s Melissa Gwennap as they dive into why your should be offering this product to fill your client’s coverage gaps!

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Webinar: Worksite is the Answer to MORE LTC Sales!

Long Term Care Insurance

Selling Long Term Care in the worksite is the simplest way to get in front of large numbers of prospects with an employer endorsement. And with more states joining the LTC Trust bandwagon soon, getting started in your state now makes more sense now than ever. With Our Carriers Life Secure, Mutual of Omaha and NGL we have options to fit many situations! Join Senior Internal Wholesalers Don Erickson and Mike Anderson for an in depth look at why Worksite is the way to go.

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