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Webinar: The Future of Long Term Care

Long Term Care Insurance

The Long Term Care marketplace is evolving rapidly as states contemplate legislative action and payroll taxes similar to what occurred in Washington in the summer of 2021. Join Senior Internal Wholesaler Mike Anderson and Mutual of Omaha Advanced Markets Specialist Stephen Alloy for a Q & A about the market’s future, what changes these actions will bring, how agents can adapt to them and what states are lining up to be part of the next wave.

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Webinar: Check out AIM’s NEW Medicare Advantage Carrier and Plans!

Medicare Advantage & PDP

We are happy to announce an extraordinary NEW Medicare Advantage opportunity available in Colorado, Oregon and Washington! We’re adding a prestigious carrier and you’ll soon be able to offer these plans to your clients. With AIM’s extensive back-office help and knowledgeable marketers, this is a win-win opportunity for you and your clients! Join Medicare Sales Manager Carlos Martinez for a breakdown of the plan details and the reasons this is a must-have for your portfolio. He’ll also have some ideas how to frame the conversation to position immediate sales and enhance your income! He will also have a breakdown of plan specific details so you can beat out the competition with this new opportunity.

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Webinar: Disability Income - The Difference Maker

Disability Insurance

100% of every agents book of business needs income protection ins. The problem is significantly lower numbers have it. We can help you bridge that gap with our two top flight DI options! Join Nicholas Flowers and get yourself ready to start helping more prospects protect the one thing they’ve overlooked.

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Webinar: Learn why Traditional LTC is still the strongest option!

Long Term Care Insurance

Make certain that you’re prepared to help your clients navigate the turbulent waters of Long Term Care as more states move toward a version of the LTC payroll tax that Washington dealt with in 2021. Senior Wholesaler Don Erickson will explain why you should be selling LTC now, how to go about starting the conversation right away and making the right carrier choice based on your client’s needs. And that’s just the beginning. ​Join Don and get ready to help more people than you thought possible while earning some of the highest commissions available!

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Webinar: Offer the Coverage ALL Your Clients will Want!

Short Term Care Insurance

Short Term Care is the coverage your clients almost all want – and some of them don’t even know it yet. As more and more prospects struggle with purchasing Long Term Care, this affordable and simply qualification product is going to be the solution they want and you need. Join Senior Wholesaler Mike Anderson for a look at AIM’s lineup of policies in this space and why they’ll be more and more important to your prospects.

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Webinar: Selling Medicare Advantage All Year Long

Medicare Advantage & PDP

In this webinar Carlos Martinez will be unpacking all the opportunities to increase your MAPD knowledge base and position yourself to have bigger success with MAPD all year long. We have plenty of creative marketing tools; let us show you how to put these tools to work to not only increase your finances but also build stronger client relationships and foster client loyalty.

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Webinar: The Most In Demand Product for the Senior Market!


Did you know that Dental insurance is the most requested benefit for your Medicare-eligible clients? And it’s not covered. But we have multiple options for your clients. Most dental/ vision coverage can be added on for a fraction the cost of most other types of insurance. This inexpensive add-on is a surefire sale for you and a must-have for your clients. Join Nicholas Flowers as he takes a closer look at all things Dental and Vision, everything you and your clients need to know, the great carriers we have and more.

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Webinar: Start Selling LTCi in 30 Minutes or Less!

Linked Benefits

The average first year commission of a single MoO LTCi sale is $1,600. And that's just the start - you get lifetime renewals on a product that one of the highest retention rates anywhere. But for most agents, finding qualified LTCi prospects is like finding the needle in the haystack. Fortunately, there is a proven system to identifying cross-marketing opportunities with LTCi sales. To make it work, it requires the right blend of product knowledge and marketing tools. That's why American Independent Marketing, the #1 Long Term Care FMO, and AgentMethods, the #1 insurance online marketing platform, are coming together for an exclusive one-time online webinar. In this webinar, you will learn: - What the true income opportunity is for LTCi sales - A unique way to structure and price LTCi plans to increase sales - How to implement a turn-key marketing system that does the opportunity-finding work for you Don't miss this webinar. It could make your year!

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Webinar: We’ve Cracked the Code: Keeping LTCI Affordable

Long Term Care Insurance

We helped design the product and now we’ve cracked the code to help you position Mutual of Omaha’s repriced LTC plan for affordability. Join Mike to get a look at the cost-saving strategies you can begin utilizing today! Find out how to use all three parts of the Inflation Benefit to get your client’s premium to the price point where affordability lives and where they will make a decision today knowing they can make additional decisions down the road.

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Webinar: Our Consumer Marketing Tools will Boost Your Sales!

Long Term Care Insurance

Is there anything harder than trying to create your own marketing pieces to send to clients? Now you don’t have to. AIM has a wide variety of client approved marketing materials from many carriers. One of the biggest issues when it comes to prospecting and meeting your clients’ needs is not having the right material. ​Join Anthony for our consumer-focused marketing webinar so you too can have these marketing goldmines at your fingertips.

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Webinar: Let Us Show You How to Modernize Your Insurance Sales

Digital marketing

It's time to Modernize Your Insurance Sales, we'll show you how! ​ Join us Wednesday; we’ll unfold the 2022 Insurance Roadmap and show you the big gains you’ll get when you can lock-in client relationships and how to reap the rewards when you master our hands-free customer relationship strategy. We’ll also explain the huge gains in existing customer sales you’ll reap from automating cross-marketing and show you why your existing tools can be better used to reduce the amount of time you spend marketing. We know the route to insurance success. Join us for a copy of the map!

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Webinar: Medicare Advantage Sales are EXPLODING!

Medicare Advantage & PDP

Medicare Advantage sales are hot Hot HOT!! You need to consider this rapidly growing segment if you want to consistently increase your senior sales. The available provider networks are larger than ever before, ensuring that they will meet your client’s needs with zero to low copay doctor visits and Hospital stays. And they offer coverage for Dental, Hearing and Vision and they are continuing to increase these additional features. If you’re not looking at these plans, you’re walking past opportunities to increase your business and profit. Join us and find out how to get started.

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Check out AIM's NEW Medicare Advantage Carrier and Plans!

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