When faced with a complicated health situation on a Long-Term Care case, Charlie McClure doesn’t flinch. He knows he has a valuable and viable solution that will protect his prospect even if they don’t qualify for traditional LTC.

McClure, a veteran LTC specialist, sets up his client conversation to manage expectations. Because he knows that every client is different and their needs and health situation are specific. So he brings Critical Cash from Guarantee Trust Life into play more often than most agents.

“I tell my clients with health issues that there are certain solutions we can’t consider but we do have a viable one for you,” McClure explained. “This solution has a lot of advantages that traditional doesn’t offer. Most importantly, should you require care it will pay you immediately.”

McClure said he is diligent in make certain his explanation is thorough at the beginning of the call.
“This is a complex policy but it can be explained in a simple format and that way they can see the value in it,” he said “When you address issues before they become objections then they’re focusing on the advantages not the disadvantages.”

One of the biggest points that McClure makes in the transition away from traditional LTC is the control that comes with the Day One cash, making Critical Cash more available.

“I remind them that it gives them the control to pay who they like, family, friends, neighbors,” he said. “They have control of who comes into the home and what they are paying them. They decide who is coming into their home to care for them as opposed to the stranger assigned from the agency.”

But it all starts with a thorough look at health issues.

“When I first start the sales call I remind them that we can’t consider traditional but based on what they initially told me on the appointment setting call, we have a viable solution in their state. That’s what we’ll focus on.

“Before we get into the specifics on the sales call, I always cover the actual knock out health questions,” he said. “That way, in case there is anything we’ve missed we don’t waste their time jumping thru any unnecessary hoops.”

Most clients are thrilled to find out that they have some sort of option in the face of health issues and prior rejections when looking for coverage.

“You want to make certain going into the call that they know there is a viable solution for them even though they have some health issues that have kept them from pursuing LTC in the past.”