When Traditional LTCi doesn’t fit, Linked Benefit Plans Can.

For clients with available funds and a strong preference towards self-insuring or “asset based” solutions, Linked Benefit products are very attractive.

The concept behind linked benefit products is leverage. And, whether the strategy of choice is Life Linked to LTC (hyperlink to life/ltci page) or Annuites Linked to LTC (hyperlink to annuity/ltci page), AIM offers both. This gives you maximum planning flexibility – especially with your affluent clients.

Suitability and Product Selection

Depending on your client’s financial position and their specific planning needs, our Linked Benefit specialists are here to help. We’ll lay out all our available Linked Benefit options and recommend the most suitable strategy for your client. We’ll then build your proposal and suggest how to best position your recommendation to close the sale.

Life Linked Benefit Plans

For clients wanting a WIN-WIN, Life/LTC Linked Benefit products provide both a death benefit and LTC coverage in one product. The 1035 Exchange guidelines make this strategy even more appealing for clients who have life insurance with excess cash value or an underperforming annuity. Simply reposition or exchange those funds into a Life Linked Benefit product and both their legacy and LTC planning needs are satisfied. If the 1035 exchange strategy isn’t applicable in a given planning situation, your client can still reposition most available funds into this product and achieve the same planning objectives.

Linked Benefits Carriers