Critical Illness

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Critical illness—because health insurance isn’t enough anymore.

The Critical Illness insurance market has already exploded internationally and is now rapidly emerging in the U.S., bringing opportunity to those who recognize it.

The need has never been greater

Consumers today are shouldering a larger financial share of their health care expenditures than ever before. Because of advances in medical technology, people in greater numbers are living longer and surviving critical illness events. These medical advancements do come at a heavy financial cost that consumers can no longer afford. So serious is this financial pain that nearly 50% of bankruptcies in the US have been linked to excess medical expenses even though 79% of these people own some form of health insurance.

With health care reform looming, higher deductibles becoming the norm and more people looking for alternative treatments there is a tremendous demand for supplemental health benefits creating new sales opportunity for agents. Why AIM?

CI products range from covering one condition to several and from as little as $5k to $500k’s.

AIM Continues to Lead with New Product Creation

In response to agent feedback AIM developed a new product that combines the basic elements of a critical illness plan with important enhancements like:

  • Monthly cash benefits
  • Benefit restoration
  • Increased coverage for care received in a facility
  • No reduction in benefits for people over age 65.
  • Benefits are triggered by a diagnosis of Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and more.

CRITICAL CARE – A Product Designed by Agents for Agents

Traditional LTCi is simply not a solution available to enough people.

  • An alternative for many of your LTCi declines means providing solutions to more clients.
  • Fast underwriting turnaround time means you get paid quickly.
  • High acceptance rate means you get paid often.

These products are easy to understand and explain. Most clients get issued and with rapid turnaround time agents get paid fast.

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