Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care

longtermcare_mainProtection comes in several forms. You choose what’s right for your clients.


Long-Term care planning a market too large to ignore

Your clients need protection – they should get it from you. With AIM as your business partner you will have the support, tools and expansive product portfolio to offer your clients a full spectrum of LTC planning solutions. Why AIM?

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American Independent Marketing acts as your pathfinder, helping you select the right solution for your clients. Whether you have many years of experience or are new to our industry, AIM will assist you by:

  • Providing the training and coaching you need to be more effective
  • Helping you assess each client scenario and searching the market for the best solution
  • Generating accurate proposals and competitive analysis to share with your clients
  • Finding alternative strategies when needed

Unmatched Dedication to the LTCi Industry.

Whether you’re an LTC specialist or you write only a few policies a year, you will find the products and support you need at AIM. Our long standing committment to the long-term care insurance industry and the fact that we represent all the major carriers has allowed us and those who work with us to keep pace with the constantly evolving nature of our industry. In addition, AIM has used its considerable experience and influence with the carriers we work with to develop innovative market leading products giving our agents the best solutions for their clients.

Employer Group

Single Largest Sales Opportunity

As America’s workforce ages, employers are integrating long-term care insurance into their employee benefits programs.

This market offers agents numerous advantages that translate into increased sales:

  • Daytime work
  • Acccess to many prospects
  • Easier underwriting
  • Discounted rates
  • Endorsement of your efforts by the employer
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We guide you through the process of selling an employer group and offer you access to the leading carriers in this market – each with its own unique strengths.

Whether it’s an executive carve out, a voluntary plan or a combination of the two, your AIM marketer can help you select the carrier best matched to the specific characteristics of your group, putting you in a strong position to make the right recommendation to your client.

AIM is your Behind-the-Scenes Partner – Bring us the Census, and We’ll Do the Rest

Our employer group specialists will ensure that you are well informed and impactful in front of your clients. From the first proposal to the final presentation AIM works for you preparing your case, putting you in the best position to make the sale.

Short Term

Short-term sales increase your sales.

Help more people by Offering Short Term Care Plans

By definition, long-term care insurance must provide benefits for a minimum of two years. Short-term care plans offer benefit period options of less than two years and mirror the standard features found in most long-term care policies.

While traditional LTCi remains the most popular LTC planning solution available, the issues of cost and qualifying for coverage is challenging to some people. Short-term care product solutions fill this void and enable a greater number of people to secure some form of LTCi coverage or even enhance existing plans.

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With a maximum plan duration of 365 days and less intrusive underwriting short term care products bring a new solution to a large portion of the LTCi market that can’t afford or qualify for traditional LTCi product.

Enhances existing coverage

Many LTCi policy holders need more coverage but are no longer healthy enough or cannot afford to upgrade their plan. Short term care can be the perfect solution for people with:

  • Nursing Home Only Plans
  • Not Enough Inflation Protection
  • Long elimination Periods
  • Inadequate Daily/Monthly Benefits

AIM’s broad product portfolio empowers you with a full spectrum of products that will solve more problemsyou’re your clients and expand your sales opportunities.