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18 Oct

Get Prepared for LTC Awareness Month with OneAmerica

Consumers responded to an in-depth survey on LTC Planning. Join Don and Bridget to go through the data points and OneAmerica’s brand new point-of-sale storytelling illustrat ...


11 Oct

Why Short Term Care is the Product Your Clients Need Now!

Short Term Care is one of the hottest market segments in senior insurance and AIM has a rapidly growing portfolio. Join Senior Internal Wholesaler Mike Anderson for a portfoli ...


4 Oct

Why Agents Need CareMatters in their LTC Portfolio

Join Mike Anderson and Nationwide’s Kyle Chontos and Luke Ashmore to learn why Nationwide's CareMatters is the concept and product that agents and advisors need to be fully ...


27 Sep

GTL's Short Term Care and Hospital Indemnity Overview

There’s no better products to help your senior clients than Hospital Indemnity and Short Term Care and GTL has two plans that you need to know about. Join Derek Lape and ...

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Application Tracking

Working with AIM gives you access to our “Pending Application Status System”, or PASS. The system enables you to retrieve new business status in real time whenever you need it online or via email notifications. This simplifies tracking your new business activity especially when working with multiple carriers.


Agent Website

Want to increase sales? AIM's "Connected Agent" website platform is designed to do one thing: help you sell insurance. You get a complete online lead generation program, including a great website, content, and marketing campaigns.


Form Library

Use our comprehensive carrier form download library to quickly access the form you need. Filter by carrier, product, and state to quickly see the relevant files.


LTCi and Med Supp Quote Engines

Get access to a powerful suite of Med Supp and LTCi quoting tools. “Quick Quote” helps you quickly identify the most cost effective med supp solutions available making it easier to close sales fast.


Sales Support

People when you need them. Technology when you don't.


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