Learn About New Medicare Advantage Options

Through our partnership with Integrity Marketing, we now offer new Medicare Advantage plans. Learn about how these plans create a new income opportunity for you.

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    Join AIM to get access to our full calendar of focused training webinars and in-person events.

    16 Jul

    Leveraging Integrity Technology for Insurance Success

    Join Nesha Catron and discover the benefits of the Integrity Technology Platform. Learn about this comprehensive solution and how it can revolutionize your workflow with featu ...


    2 Jul

    Long Term Still Matters. Here’s Why.

    Join Don Erickson on a comprehensive deep dive into the Long-Term Care (LTC) market, which remains at an all-time high with over 4.1 million Americans turning 65 each year and ...


    18 Jun

    Essential Guide to Hospital Indemnity Insurance

    Join us for an in-depth webinar on Hospital Indemnity Insurance, where you'll learn about its key features, benefits and integration with other insurance products. Enhance you ...


    4 Jun

    Hybrids: Still the future of LTC?

    We’ve all seen the push for hybrids over the last few years and news that they are the future of the LTC industry. Are they still the future or have they now become the domi ...

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    Working with AIM gives you access to our “Pending Application Status System”, or PASS. The system enables you to retrieve new business status in real time whenever you need it online or via email notifications. This simplifies tracking your new business activity especially when working with multiple carriers.


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    Want to increase sales? AIM's "Connected Agent" website platform is designed to do one thing: help you sell insurance. You get a complete online lead generation program, including a great website, content, and marketing campaigns.


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    Use our comprehensive carrier form download library to quickly access the form you need. Filter by carrier, product, and state to quickly see the relevant files.


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    Get access to a powerful suite of Med Supp and LTCi quoting tools. “Quick Quote” helps you quickly identify the most cost effective med supp solutions available making it easier to close sales fast.


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    People when you need them. Technology when you don't.


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