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Webinar: GTL’s NEW Advantage Plus Elite is Now Available!

Hospital Indemnity

GTL’s NEW Hospital Indemnity plan, Advantage Plus Elite, is here just in time for AEP.  With more base plans to choose from, rates that have been lowered up to 14%, no application fee and much more. Get the scoop on all the new and improved benefits the product has to offer and let us show you how to make AEP a significant growth opportunity for you and a win-win in terms of protection for your prospects and clients.

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Webinar: Boost Your Income with AIM’s Sales and Prospecting Ideas and Tips!

Business Operations

It can be hard to make sure your name and brand are getting in front of the right clients and even harder to make sure you’re closing your sales. Don’t worry, AIM is here to help! We will show you how to grow your sales with new tips on finding the right audience, how to market your products correctly and close your sales. Watch as we explain how having the right toolkit will boost your sales and get you in front of more clients.

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Webinar: Mastering Mutual’s LTC Software

Long Term Care Insurance

Join AIM for an in-depth demonstration of the MutualCare Solutions Software. This tool makes it easy to run quote comparisons and dial it down to exact desired premiums. The software offers a simple way to save and alter quotes as needed and send illustrations. Plus, You will be walked through Mutual’s custom inflation options that can fit every client. Learn how you can use this software as a selling tool with your clients, get answers to questions you have and learn about little-known features.  

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Webinar: Make AEP a Slam Dunk!

Medicare Advantage & PDP

AEP is right around the corner; we want to make sure that you are ready to go for Medicare’s biggest event! We will arm you with all the information you need so that you can quadruple your sales! To give you a competitive advantage, we’ll be reviewing Med Supps, Medicare Advantage and PDP plans.  

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Webinar: This Product is CRITICAL for Your Clients!

Critical Illness Insurance

With private health insurance getting more expensive, deductible options going out of control and flexibility more in demand than ever, Critical Illness is the forward thinking option that you should be talking to all of your clients about. AIM has a robust portfolio of supplemental benefit options that will create new sales opportunities for agents and make certain you’re protecting those who trust you to do just that.

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Webinar: Dive in to OneAmerica’s LTC Solutions

Long Term Care Insurance

OneAmerica’s Jeremy Veryser and AIM’s Anthony Sadeddin give an in-depth look at leveraging OneAmerica’s suite of asset-based policies into LTC sales with a set of clients that were previously unreceptive.

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Webinar: LTC Alternatives to help grow your business

Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. And protecting your customers’ retirement planning can be accomplished a number of ways. Learn about the different carriers and options we offer, and how these products can help you expand your business.

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Webinar: United World is coming to Washington!

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Learn about new competitively priced Medicare supplement plans in Washington through United World.

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Webinar: New! WA LTC Trust Program Update

Long Term Care Insurance

Get up-to-date information on the Washington LTC Trust and how it will impact your customers going forward.

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Webinar: In-Depth Look: Mutual of Omaha e-App

Long Term Care Insurance

Get an in-depth look at Mutual of Omaha’s e-App process including special signature hacks that will make your enrollments much simpler.

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Webinar: Thrivent e-App Tutorial

Long Term Care Insurance

What used to take days to be sent to the company via mail, can now be done in minutes. Learn how YOU can speed up the application process and help clients apply for coverage while meeting remotely!

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Webinar: An Update on the Washington LTC Trust Act

Long Term Care Insurance

The timeline on Washington's new Long Term Care Trust is shorter than you may think. Learn about the act, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it creates, and how AIM is positioning you to help as many people as possible this year. Don't miss out on this!

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