Need to make a sale this week? How about today? You can literally start growing your business now!

AIM has an outstanding lineup of Guaranteed Issue or essentially Guaranteed Issue products* that get you in front of clients and making sales today! We can get you set up now– call your AIM Marketer for contracting– but it’s up to you to get in front of folks to make the presentations.

It’s important to note that in most cases, we have more than one carrier in the product slot. A quick look at the starting lineup:

MEDICARE SUPPLEMENT: There are 10,000 people turning 65 each day. That means there are 10,000 new Medicare clients waiting for help with a supplement– and that doesn’t include WA, OR and CA where a varying set of guaranteed movement rules allows Med Supp policyholders to move without consequence.

AIM has 20 Med Supp carriers to choose from depending on the state. That includes five available exclusively through our relationship with Integrity Marketing Group and four of those are offering sizzling production incentives for the third quarter (Read about them HERE). And Mutual of Omaha’s carriers offer the popular Marketing Credits Program through October (Read about them HERE).


DENTAL/VISION/HEARING: This one ties in well with Med Supp particularly since a huge chunk of the retiree population is looking for dental insurance. It’s GI and with Day One benefits for preventative, we’ve finally got a carrier where it’s more than trading dollars.


ADVANTAGE PLUS: This is the perfect compliment to Medicare Advantage programs. It makes cash benefits available to cover hospital and skilled nursing confinement expenses, ambulance expenses and coverage for outpatient surgery and cancer diagnosis.


FINAL EXPENSE: We have a strong portfolio here; agents can count on life insurance to provide a constant stream of sales opportunity– in some cases, the upper sales age is as high as 85 years old.*

Over the last few years, seniors have come to appreciate the peace of mind that having an affordable lump-sum solution to take care of what needs to be handled after they pass away. And Final Expense is just the ticket to protect loved ones in a trying time.


HOME HEALTH CARE: Even prospects who can’t medically qualify for traditional LTC want and need a way to protect their financial future from the likelihood of care costs. These products make it possible to get coverage at home*– where everyone insists they want to be– at rates that are very affordable. And the best part is that if the prospect isn’t cognitively impaired and isn’t receiving care, they will be approved.


PERSONAL ACCIDENT: Make certain that your clients are protected from the unexpected. One out of eight Americans each year gets treatment for accidental injuries and 90% of young athletes say they have been injured while participating in a sport. This is the perfect solution.


SICK PAY: Want an income replacement plan that’s easy to qualify for? Sick Pay and its two plan choices fits the bill. It’s affordable and with Day One coverage available, the sting of not having paid sick leave will be minimized. And best of all, the premiums don’t vary based on occupation class.


CRITICAL CASH: This LTC-Critical Illness hybrid is extremely popular thanks to its Day One benefit access and simple underwriting process. If the insured is diagnosed as having one of the covered conditions, benefit payments start immediately. It’s easy to design with just three moving parts and the insured can claim up to six times.


ACCIDENTAL DEATH: With face amounts from $50,000 to $500,000, this could be a great addition to every client’s insurance plan. It covers any accident regardless of whether it is work related and pays double if death occurs as a fare paying passenger on a common carrier. Family coverage is available and issue ages are 18 to 70.


*Products not available in all states. Call your AIM Marketer for more information.