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Redesign of Coming January 2020

Want to hear real stories of agent sales success? Want to read about how agents like you are growing their businesses? Then you’re going to LOVE the redesign of our website… What’s new? We are excited to be launching a brand new library of stories from AIM agents who have found success using our tools... Read more »
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How Are You Protecting the American Dream?

What are you doing to help your clients protect their American Dream? If you’re not starting a Long-Term Care conversation with all your clients and prospects, we can help you build that into all your sales conversations. If you asked 100 people what the American Dream meant to them, you’d get 100 answers. Boil it... Read more » Read more…

AIM’s LTC Challenge

It’s still November which means it’s still LTC Awareness Month! But just because November ends soon, doesn’t mean you should slow down on your LTC sales. That’s why we are excited to introduce AIM’s 2020 LTC Challenge. By striving to meet the steps in this challenge, you will grow your LTC business and protect more... Read more »
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