It’s still November which means it’s still LTC Awareness Month! But just because November ends soon, doesn’t mean you should slow down on your LTC sales. That’s why we are excited to introduce AIM’s 2020 LTC Challenge. By striving to meet the steps in this challenge, you will grow your LTC business and protect more clients in 2020!

1. Have an LTC conversation everyday.

Whether you’re meeting with clients to discuss LTC or not, it’s always a topic you can present alongside other products. Strive to have at least one LTC conversation daily and get ready to watch your sales soar!


2. Re-visit prospects who weren’t ready to buy in the past or who were previously declined.

Utilize the prospects you already have available to you. Some may have changed their mind about LTC.


3. Get the LTC conversation started with current clients’ children.

Current clients in their 70s could potentially have kids in or nearing their 50s who are ready to start thinking about their plan for long-term care.


4. Talk to clients about adding on to their current policy.

Show your clients the benefits of adding a supplemental policy on to the policy they currently have.