Looking for a competitive edge in a cookie cutter market? Sometimes just having a unique option, a new tool in the box, will help you make a sale. Take a look at United American’s high deductible Plan F. It’s just like any other plan F but comes with a $2,000 deductible and rates that are as much as 80% lower than a regular Plan F.

Why does an HDF policy make great sense? United American’s Company statistics show the majority of our Plan F policyholders have annual claims well below the current deductible amount. If your healthy client anticipates few claims or small claims, an HDF policy may be the right choice!

When paired with United American’s Reserve Fund Annuity, specifically developed for their Medicare supplements, you can help your clients set up a fund which they can draw from to pay their deductible, co-payments or out-of-pocket limits. When UA receives a healthcare provider’s claim and your client’s calendar year deductible, co-payments or out of pocket limits have not been met, your client can authorize UA to automatically withdraw the funds from the Reserve Fund Annuity to pay them. Alternatively, they can use the annuity as a traditional savings vehicle and withdraw funds for any purpose they choose.

Contact us for more information on how to use the combination of United American’s high deductible Plan F and their Reserve Fund Annuity to make more sales.