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Webinar: Our Consumer Marketing Tools will Boost Your Sales!

Long Term Care Insurance

Is there anything harder than trying to create your own marketing pieces to send to clients? Now you don’t have to. AIM has a wide variety of client approved marketing materials from many carriers. One of the biggest issues when it comes to prospecting and meeting your clients’ needs is not having the right material. ​Join Anthony for our consumer-focused marketing webinar so you too can have these marketing goldmines at your fingertips.

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Webinar: Let Us Show You How to Modernize Your Insurance Sales

Digital marketing

It's time to Modernize Your Insurance Sales, we'll show you how! ​ Join us Wednesday; we’ll unfold the 2022 Insurance Roadmap and show you the big gains you’ll get when you can lock-in client relationships and how to reap the rewards when you master our hands-free customer relationship strategy. We’ll also explain the huge gains in existing customer sales you’ll reap from automating cross-marketing and show you why your existing tools can be better used to reduce the amount of time you spend marketing. We know the route to insurance success. Join us for a copy of the map!

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Webinar: Medicare Advantage Sales are EXPLODING!

Medicare Advantage & PDP

Medicare Advantage sales are hot Hot HOT!! You need to consider this rapidly growing segment if you want to consistently increase your senior sales. The available provider networks are larger than ever before, ensuring that they will meet your client’s needs with zero to low copay doctor visits and Hospital stays. And they offer coverage for Dental, Hearing and Vision and they are continuing to increase these additional features. If you’re not looking at these plans, you’re walking past opportunities to increase your business and profit. Join us and find out how to get started.

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Webinar: Help Your Clients Protect Their Families with Final Expense!

Final Expense Insurance

Final Expense – Burial Insurance – Funeral Insurance. Whatever you call it, final expense insurance is essential in dealing with end-of-life arrangements. And letting your clients know the importance of this product is just as imperative. Join us as we discuss our vast range of final expense products and carriers to give your clients more options and you more opportunities to sell this incredibly crucial product. With unique comparison quoting tools, product toolboxes, sales scripts and training guides and 8 simple steps to selling final expense, you don’t want to miss out!

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Webinar: Worksite is the Answer to More LTC Sales!

Long Term Care Insurance

Selling Long Term Care in the worksite is the simplest way to get in front of large numbers of prospects with an employer endorsement. And with more states joining the LTC Trust bandwagon soon, getting started in your state now makes more sense now than ever. With Our Carriers Life Secure, Mutual of Omaha and NGL we have options to fit many situations. ​Join Don and Mike for an in depth look at why Worksite is the way to go.

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Washington State LTC Tax: What We Experienced and What YOU Can Expect!

Long Term Care Insurance

The Washington LTC Trust and Tax created a tsunami of activity and sales for agents. And there are nearly a dozen other states that are eyeing similar legislation in the very near future. Join Mike and find out what impact this can have on your business and how to be best prepared to maximize your ability to help prospects and grow your agency. Be prepared for when a state run LTC tax comes to YOUR state!

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Webinar: Critical Illness: A Problem Solver

Critical Illness Insurance

Have you ever hoped that there were viable options for your clients who find LTC too expensive or simply can’t qualify due to their health? We have the answer here at AIM! We have the best products to dot your i’s and cross your t’s and provide coverage to fit your clients needs. Join us to learn why Critical Illness is one of the top ancillary products in the nation. When it comes to Guarantee Trust Life and even Mutual of Omaha, we have the right carrier for your needs.

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Webinar: A Guide to Mutual of Omaha’s LTC eApp

Long Term Care Insurance

Are you using the Mutual of Omaha’s LTC eApp to submit your business? If not, you should be! Using the eApp allows you to meet with your clients remotely, speed up the application process, prevent mistakes or missing questions and much more! Join us as we dive into a step-by-step tutorial showcasing just how simple, intuitive and timely submitting business is when using Mutual of Omaha’s great eApp tool!

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Webinar: Mutual of Omaha’s Optional LTC Riders

Long Term Care Insurance

Are you taking full advantage of all that Mutual of Omaha’s LTC has to offer for couples or are you leaving sales on the table? With options such as shared care, survivorship and joint waiver of premium, return of premium and the one-of-a-kind security benefit you can meet any client need. Add in the robust options for inflation and you’re missing out if you aren’t making the most of these opportunities! Learn about all of the LTC Partner benefit options and how you can best utilize them in your sales. Boost your business by giving your clients more options than ever and answering their coverage needs!

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Webinar: Tax Strategies for Small Businesses

Long Term Care Insurance

If you have business owner clients who are tired of paying money to the Federal government, we have some strategies that will protect the client and their employees and will reduce their federal tax bill. Join Mike Anderson and find out how you can help clients save on taxes and protect themselves and their employees.

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Webinar: LTC Hybrids: Why Their Popularity Keeps Growing!

Linked Benefits

Understanding the importance of Long Term Care was a hot topic this year, especially with what was going on in our backyard here in Washington. Take a deep look into what makes hybrid products a popular choice in the Long Term Care space. Join AIM’s Anthony Sadeddin as he speaks about Annuity and Life Insurance hybrid products and what makes them tick.

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Webinar: LifeSecure’s Ancillary Products

Accident Insurance

In today’s complicated healthcare environment, having the right coverage to fill in gaps is more important than ever. AIM’s Nick Flowers and LifeSecure’s David Coghill dive into Life Secure’s ancillary products including Accident, Critical Illness and their new and exciting Term Life and Final Expense options! LifeSecure has a vast array of fantastic ancillary products that you need to have in your toolbox! These products are strong in all age groups with simple plan designs, guaranteed issue opportunities and easy online applications.

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