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Webinar: An Update on the Washington LTC Trust Act

Long Term Care Insurance

The timeline on Washington's new Long Term Care Trust is shorter than you may think. Learn about the act, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity it creates, and how AIM is positioning you to help as many people as possible this year. Don't miss out on this!

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Webinar: NGL’s EssentialLTC Sales Training

Long Term Care Insurance

NGL’s EssentialLTC is a consumer-focused, competitively-priced product that’s sure to make an excellent addition to your current LTC portfolio. Plans can be easily customized depending on your clients’ health situations.

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Webinar: We’ve Cracked the Code: Keeping LTCi Affordable

Long Term Care Insurance

After analyzing Mutual of Omaha’s newly-refreshed LTCi premiums, we have identified the most-affected options and developed strategies to minimize the impact to your clients. Join AIM’s Mike Anderson as he reviews Omaha’s refreshed rates and explains the cost-saving strategies you can begin utilizing today!

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An In-Depth Look at ThriventLTCi

Long Term Care Insurance

Sell Thrivent's LTC product now through March 31st and be rewarded! Applications submitted between 1/1/21 and 3/31/21 (in-force by May 31st) will earn the writing agent a bonus of $150/insured! This is a top-notch LTC product that is sure to make an excellent addition to your current LTC portfolio. Here's a brief overview of what you can expect: - Issue ages 18-79 - $1,500-$15,000 maximum monthly benefit - Up to 8-year maximum benefit multiplier - Accelerated premium payment option -- pay for 10 years - 5-year rate guarantee built-in - Innovative inflation options Watch this webinar to find out why Craig Roers of Thrivent says this is one of the most exciting offerings he's seen in 22 years in LTC. We cover everything you need to know about pricing, underwriting and how to position this solution with your prospects!

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Dominate Your Local Market Online

Digital marketing

If you're like many agents, you've probably thought about expanding outside of your local market to attract more business... But WAIT! The reality is that your local market is a great place to find quality prospects, you just have to know how to find them -- or even better -- how to make sure THEY find you! In this presentation, Digital Marketing Expert Aaron Kassover shows you how to... - Easily be found by prospects in local searches - Build "social proof" to create trust in prospects - Generate more prospects who are ready to buy in your local area It's more important now than ever before to utilize the prospects around you and to remember that the further outside of your area you go, the more competition you're likely to run into. Watch this presentation to learn about how you can best optimize your local prospects online!

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The LTC Big 3: Mutual of Omaha, Thrivent and NGL

Long Term Care Insurance

For the first time in a long time, we now have three viable LTC products on the market. More than ever before, it's important that you have knowledge of these products to best serve your clients and their individual health situations. While we have many long-term care products available here at AIM, the three that you should unquestionably have in your toolbox are Mutual of Omaha, NGL and Thrivent. Mutual of Omaha traditionally offers the best mix of carrier stability and product flexibility. NGL has brought important benefits like Limited Benefits and Limited Pays back to the market. Thrivent has made available a monthly benefit up to $15,000, a cash benefit rider and shortened pay options.

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Why & How to Sell Final Expense

Final Expense Insurance

Are you selling Final Expense yet? If not, you're missing out on some valuable sales and commission opportunities! If you have contemplated learning how to sell Final Expense, there is no better time than now... and we'll help you get started! In this presentation, AIM's Mike Anderson details why Final Expense is so crucial to your clients and how you can easily make sales to compliment other policies your clients may have such as a Medicare Supplement.

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Hybrids vs. Traditional LTCi

Long Term Care Insurance

Since November is LTC Awareness Month, we thought now would be the perfect time to take a closer look at Hybrids vs. Traditional LTC products. While we know Hybrids have gained popularity over the years with more and more agents gravitating toward them, we also know that many agents are skeptical of whether they are really the better option. In this presentation, we show you why Traditional LTCi remains the best option in many cases, supported with premium comparisons and more!

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Diversify Your Portfolio with NGL's EssentialLTC

Long Term Care Insurance

NGL's EssentialLTC is a consumer-focused, competitively-priced product that's sure to make an excellent addition to your current LTC portfolio. Plans can be easily customized depending on your clients' health situations and include great features like... - Lifetime Benefits - Accelerated Pay Options - Employer Group Rate - Joint Pricing - Inflation Protection In addition, NGL has a well-established underwriting process which results in predictable decisions with an accelerated turnaround.

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GTL's Short-Term Home Health Care

Short Term Care Insurance

If you have clients with concerns regarding health and financial qualifying, we have the best Short-Term Home Health Care solution on the market for them! With only one medical qualifying criteria, GTL's Short-Term Home Health Care offers professional services, a home care aide benefit and prescription drug benefits… all built-in. Plus, it's extremely affordable!

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CVS/Accendo Double Feature: Med Supps and Final Expense

Medicare Supplement Insurance

It's the double feature you've all been waiting for! Join AIM's Anthony Sadeddin and Aetna's Steve Patton and Tony Clark to learn about the new CVS Health Medicare Supplement and Final Expense products! With a name your clients already know and trust, these top-notch offerings are sure to be the perfect additions to your portfolio. The Accendo Med Supp product includes a 14% household discount in most states. Their Final Expense product offers flexible coverage amounts, an easy quoting and e-App process and strong commissions. Get started with the name that leads to peace of mind for your clients and opportunity for you! Register now to learn more.

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Mutual of Omaha's NEW Income Solutions D.I. Product

Disability Insurance

Disability Income insurance is an important part of your clients’ overall financial plan and Mutual Income Solutions includes new benefits that will help you provide your clients the coverage they need if they become sick or injured and are unable to work. This new product features expanded occupation classes into medical professions, extended benefit periods up to age 70, an increased benefit option up to $20,000 and much more!

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