If you’re in the senior market and haven’t seen Advantage Plus, pay attention.

It’s GTL leading seller for good reason. Advantage Plus (click to brochure) was designed specifically for Medicare Advantage clients.

It is purpose-built to fill the gaps in coverage – to take care of out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, co-payments and coverage limits that can quickly add up. Advantage Plus includes a daily hospital confinement benefit of up to $600 per day. The 10 or 21-day benefit period will restore after 60 days of no hospital confinement. Benefits are paid in cash directly to your clients.

Numerous riders can be added such as Ambulance, Out-patient Surgical, Lump Sum Cancer, AD&D and Skilled Nursing Facility.

Entry rates (click for rates) are super affordable and compensation is great.

For example, at age 65 the 21- day hospital benefit at $600 per day costs just $110!! That’s a great entry rate.

To add premium, simply enhance the coverage with the numerous riders available.

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