It’s back to the Future!

With the rollout of the ACA, there is a brand new supplemental health insurance market opening up and it’s a huge opportunity for agents – a large unmet need, affordable premiums, quick issue and strong compensation.

We all are faced with increased financial exposure to illnesses such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and various other common, everyday health problems. The problem is that even with traditional health insurance, today more than ever before, these conditions can result in severe financial hardship. Escalating medical costs, increasing deductibles and co-insurance responsibilities, higher premiums as well as significant “soft costs” such as lodging, transportation and lost wages from work interruptions contribute to thousands of dollars of financial exposure. In fact, it is estimated that 50% of bankruptcies are caused by medical expenses and 80% of these bankruptcies are from people who had medical insurance.

The solution is a product called Critical Care from Guarantee Trust Life. It is designed to fill these gaps – even for Alzheimer’s disease – as well as to increase benefits when care is needed in a facility. It is a completely unique product that is affordable, pays strong commissions and is super easy to sell. Most importantly, it gets issued 90+% of the time…and issued in less than two weeks!

You may remember, decades ago now, there was another uncovered health risk causing financial devastation called long term care and until thirty years ago, there was no insurance solution to the problem. Niche insurance carriers were the first to recognize the market and create meaningful solutions for Americans. With the help of resourceful wholesalers and agents, today billions of dollars in benefits have already been paid in to consumers with trillions yet to be paid in the future on current inforce coverage.

For producers who first recognized the need and opportunity, high volume selling was much easier than now. Premium rates were affordable, applications were simple, most applications were approved and underwriting took days – not months. It was a model that allowed producers to write several cases or more every week, generating good income and a large renewal income stream. Many talented and focused individuals wrote books of business in excess of $1 million.

It’s back to the future! Today, we see a very similar huge unmet need – so we worked with Guarantee Trust Life to help develop the Critical Care product. We see the same massive unmet need and opportunity for producers by simply educating people and providing meaningful solutions. People need the coverage, it’s affordable, the underwriting is simple and compensation is great. It’s already a winner! If you aren’t currently selling Critical Care we encourage you to call us for complete details and contract today.