Mutual of Omaha prides itself on a great customer experience, along all product lines, not just Medicare Solutions products. Because of this, we have made some fantastic enhancements, that will benefit your customers.

This past September 10, 2020, we launched a customer service page, on The purpose of the project is to encourage customers to self service their policies, as well as make it easier for customers to find the correct contact information.

Previously, the only place directing customers to self service on, was a Sign In page. The previous Sign In page did not give a directory or any indication of what the customer could do on Customer Access. Now, customers can access Account Information, Policy Status, Payment and Billing, Claims, Coverage and Benefits, as well as many other options. Customers can easily access any of these tabs. From any of these tabs, recommended actions, phone numbers, and a “Did you know” section; to assist with their questions and needs.

Mutual of Omaha hopes this enhanced experience will make it easier for your customers to self service their policies, with ease of access to the information needed. Thank you for your continuing business with Mutual of Omaha.