Even when your clients have been smart about planning and saving, there are still risks they face during retirement. Some can’t be managed, but others can – with appropriate planning. An Income Advantage IUL policy can help clients by providing life insurance protection today, and options for the future to help clients minimize their retirement risks.

Our Map Your Course materials include consumer-facing brochures that will help you cover both the risks and the “how” behind the IUL solution to those risks. They will help you knowledgeably speak to the value IUL brings to retirement planning.

The main Retirement Risks client brochure addresses all eight risks and can be used with your clients, and the producer-use flyer gives you a quick summary of the risks and how an IUL policy can help.

These materials can also be ordered through your normal supply channels.

For even more information on Income Advantage IUL, visit www.discoveriul.com.