At Mutual of Omaha getting you paid quickly is just as important as the business you place with us. We began offering a daily pay option via our Express Pay process a few years ago and many of you have taken advantage of this quick and easy service.


We are excited to announce that effective immediately, a new enhancement has been made to the Interactive Voice Response system(IVR) allowing you to hear your last 2 commission amounts by simply inputting the last 4 digits of your SSN/TIN. With this enhancement, you will have access to real time commission payments and reduce any hold times you may have experienced in the past.


If you are still receiving a weekly commission check and would like to move to a next day pay schedule, please contact your marketer/upline to see if Express Pay is right for you, or locate and submit the Pay Cycle Change Request Form on SPA (Sales Professional Access/Reports/Compensation Information/More Resources/Pay Cycle Change Form).


Thank you for your business and if you have any questions regarding this new service, please reach out to 1-800-475-4465.