Agent #1:

“I find that Mutual of Omaha’s Custom Solutions LTCi product is superior to others in multiple ways:

– A flexible Home Care Benefit: It is difficult to anticipate the caregiver options available for home care and yet, home is where everyone prefers to stay. This product has the flexibility to accommodate all the options.

– An underwriting department that is helpful, available and eager: I always have the feeling they want to do the right thing by my client and treat me as a partner in the process.

– A courteous, available customer care line: There is longevity in this department- over the years I’ve developed a trusting relationship with reps who I know by name. I know that my clients will have similar experiences.

In this field, it is important to work with a company that is big enough and experienced enough to have the right resources and that is heartfelt enough to do the right thing.”


Agent #2:

“We all love Mutual of Omaha and it’s no surprise that it’s a go-to for so many.  I especially love their Custom Solutions LTCi product because of the tremendous amount of flexibility it offers clients.  Their Professional Home Care option offers peace of mind to families. Plus, Mutual always provides great service.”