Our 2021 Marketing Credits Program will include credits for both Medicare supplement and dental qualified applications. The program runs from October 1, 2020 through September 30, 2021.

Earn Marketing Credits
There’s no limit to the number of credits you can earn! To qualify, you must submit a minimum of 5 qualified Medicare supplement applications and/or a minimum of 2 qualified dental applications. Once you reach the minimum number of eligible issued apps each month, we’ll start adding marketing credits to your account. While Med supp and dental apps can’t be combined to qualify, the marketing credits you earn in each product category will be combined to give you one account balance.

Use Your Marketing Credits
Each marketing credit gives you $1 to help build your Mutual of Omaha business. Use your credits for things like:

  • Leads you purchase from any vendor
  • Postage for mailings
  • Advertising fees
  • Conference fees
  • Equipment that enables you to use our electronic tools (i.e., computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone)

Check Your Account Balance
You can easily monitor your account balance using Sales Professional Access at mutualofomaha.com/broker. You simply go to the Sales & Marketing tab and select Med Supp & Dental Marketing Credits. You will also receive a quarterly email with your balance, if your balance is above $25. Credits accumulate month to month and can be redeemed at any time during the year.

Redeem Your Marketing Credits
You can redeem credits anytime during the program period. But keep in mind, marketing credits will expire on December 1, 2021. Marketing credits can be redeemed for cash or used to purchase branded Mutual of Omaha merchandise from the Company Collection, located online.

If you have questions, please contact marketingcredits@mutualofomaha.com or call our Sales Support Team at (800) 693-6083.