Thank you for your putting Human Care first and helping us understand our unique member needs! We’re excited to share that the administrative payments for agents who met all contractual requirements to receive this payment. For completed Member Care Assessment Surveys for members who were validated and approved by CMS with 9/1/2020 – 12/1/2020 effective policies were paid the week of January 11th. For those with 1/1/2021 effective policies will be paid the week of February 1st.

How will Agents get paid?

  • Agents paid by Humana directly will see a Member Care Assessment line item on their commission statement.
    • Agents can leverage Vantage Book of Business reporting to identify the submitted applications that were validated by CMS and eligible for the Member Care Assessment administrative payment.
    • Payment questions can be directed to the Agent Support Unit (ASU) or your local Humana support team.
  • Agents who assign commissions to their agency will be paid directly by their agency.
    • Payment questions can be directed to your Agency.

Please note that MCA administrative payments for policies with 1/1 effective dates will be forthcoming.