There’s a reason why GTL is selling several thousand Advantage Plus policies each and every month – it is the perfect product for seniors on a Medicare Advantage plan or anyone else that has health insurance with large deductibles and co-pays. Here are a couple sales that came in just this past week that illustrate how effective it is in solving everyday problems agents find in the field.

Agent Gene got a call from a 60 year old female paying $557 per month for Major Medical coverage with a $6,000 deductible. His client decided to drop the coverage and move to a new private healthcare clinic. They accept no private insurance and charged her just $95 per month and cover all primary healthcare appointments, same day urgent care with no insurance deductibles. Think of it like a medi-center outpatient clinic – great for all the small stuff, but not so great for when you need to be hospitalized for something serious. They had already made the decision to drop their $557 per month major medical plan and move to the new $95 per month concierge program. Smartly, Gene recommended she add Advantage Plus for another $127.45 per month. The program he recommended will pay $600 per day for 31 days of hospital confinement, $1,000 per day for out-patient surgery to help with co-pays. He added a $750 lump sum hospital confinement rider and an ambulance benefit of $200.

Gene also made a classic Advantage plus sale to a 66 year old female who was paying $180 per month for her Medicare Supplement. Gene moved her to a Medicare Advantage plan for $25 per month and then used some of the savings to plug coverage holes in the Medicare Advantage plan. With a co-pay of $480 per day for the first five days of hospital confinement, an ambulance deductible of $100 and out-patient surgery covered at just 80%, GTL’s Advantage Plus is tailor made to solve the problem. For $156.68 per month, Gene wrote a plan paying $600 per day for the first 31 days of hospitalization, the $1,000 outpatient surgery rider and a $100 ambulance rider.