Our Changing Health Care Reality Drives Innovation in the Critical Illness Market

The train has left the station and people don’t even realize it! Conventional health insurance doesn’t pay what it used to and the
Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) has begun to force unprecedented change upon the Nation’s health care delivery system.

Greater financial responsibility now lies on our shoulders, making Critical Illness insurance one of the most important health care
planning strategies today. To meet this new reality Guarantee Trust Life has delivered a totally unique and now very popular CI product
solution called “Critical Care”.

The only thing “Critical Care” shares with other CI products is the fact that it’s considered critical Illness insurance. Beyond that, literally everything about this new product is unique.

Here are just a few important examples:

Highest Issue Age Range of Any CI Carrier: With product availability ranging from ages 18 through 84, GTL is making coverage available to a broader prospective demographic than any other CI carrier. Now you have a solution for both your Boomer and Senior market prospects.

Monthly Cash Payments: Unlike most CI products that pay a one-time lump sum benefit, Critical Care pays monthly cash benefits for the duration of a selected benefit period. Since this is a cash benefit, the policy holder decides how the money is spent, not the company.

Accelerated Payout for LTC Facility Confinement: This one of a kind feature provides monthly cash benefits that double for Nursing Home confinement and increase by 50% for stays in an Assisted Living Facility.

Simplified Issue Underwriting Process: GTL uses a short 6 page application with a prescription drug history check and doesn’t ask for height or weight. An attractive side benefit to “Critical Care” is that you have a terrific alternative for prospects either declined or uninsurable for LTCi.

Quick Underwriting Turnaround Time: In the majority of cases, policies are underwritten and issued within 8 to 10 business days.

Multiple Claims Payout Opportunity: Many CI products pay only once. Critical Care has built-in Restoration of Benefit Period feature that allows the insured to claim at least 3 or even more times until the lifetime maximum is used up – can even be for repeated diagnoses.

10 Triggering diagnoses: includes Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and Alzheimer’s. This represents over 70% of the most common LTCi claim events.

With our Nation’s health care reality in flux the Critical Illness market is ripe for staggering growth. That’s why we are seizing this opportunity to build out a strong Critical Insurance portfolio that includes such well respected companies as Guarantee Trust Life, Assurity, American General, Transamerica and Mutual of Omaha. Don’t get left behind on what promises to be one of the most exciting market opportunities we’ve seen in years.