Webinar: Put GTL’s Swiss Army Knife to Work For You

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29 June, 2022 9:00 AM-10:00 AM PDT

Everyone needs a Swiss Army Knife from time to time. Having the right tool at the right time can make all the difference and GTL’s product lineup will help with all the coverage needs your clients are looking for! With their Advantage Plus Elite product being guaranteed issue from ages 64 ½ – 68, you have even more opportunity to help clients who may not have been eligible before.


Join Don Erickson for this special webinar event to hear all about GTL’s existing product line, and details on their brand-new Home Life Secure product! It was designed to bridge the space between Short Term Home Health Care and a Graded Whole Life policy that gives your clients a living benefit and final expense payout.


You don’t want to miss this!