Webinar: All About SecureCare

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25 March, 2020 9:00 AM-10:00 AM PST

Your clients can’t predict when a health crisis might strike and derail their carefully crafted retirement plans and investment portfolios.
You can’t either.

But you can talk to them about SecureCare Universal Life, a linked-benefit product that:
– provides a cash benefit they can use however they want
– helps shield their other assets from the impact of LTC expenses
– leaves a tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries
– offers a reduced paid-up benefit if they stop paying premiums

Plus, SecureCare may allow your clients to take advantage of its unique tax structure, offering potential deductions and savings. And for those clients who are business owners – it may allow them to use tax-advantaged dollars from their business to fund future LTC needs.

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