American Equity: COVID-19 and Licensing Restrictions

As states begin to ease restrictions because of the COVID-19 pandemic, changes to previously-issued orders and waivers regarding agent licensing, renewals and continuing education requirements that are or will become due during any emergency declaration period are being updated.

Agent licensing and renewals

In general, most states are continuing to modify or extend certain deadlines regarding agent licensing and/or renewals.

These waivers and extensions have various expiration dates for when an agent must complete licensing requirements or renewal requirements, including payment of fees. You should contact the state insurance department where your license was issued to determine when you must complete your licensing and/or renewal process.

Additionally, many states implemented “temporary agent licensing” allowances. Remember, if you were issued a temporary insurance agent license, once the emergency declaration period has expired, you will be required to complete the licensing process, including testing, background checks, fingerprinting and payment of fees before a permanent agent license will be issued. Dates when the temporary license expire will vary by state.

If you were issued a temporary agent’s license, it is up to you to ensure you complete the process of turning a temporary license into a permanent license.

Continuing education courses

Additionally, some states had waived requirements around “in-person, classroom” training or proctored testing that may be required.

However, as states are easing restrictions, training and testing facilities are starting to re-open. Each state is different, with some having no open facilities, some having limited facilities open and others fully open.

Additionally, there may be limitations on the number of individuals allowed into an on-site training/testing facility at any one time.

Again, you should contact your state insurance department to verify how modifications to continuing education have been impacted in your individual state and when the waivers/restrictions on certain requirements may be ending.


If your insurance license is due for renewal, or continuing education requirements are due, you should check with your individual state insurance department to verify any possible changes. You may find this information by visiting its website.

If you are unsure of how to find your state’s website, visit Then, click on MAP in the header at the top of the page. You can then click on your state(s) and it will take you to the appropriate website.

Or, you may visit the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) page It has up-to-date resources and charts on agent licensing and continuing education requirements.


If you have any questions, please call 888-221-1234 and ask for the Compliance department. Thank you for your business and support of American Equity.