Action required for 2014 Certified Agents:
View Updates to 2014 Medicare Basics and
2014 Ethics & Compliance Certification Courses


Agents who began or completed 2014 Medicare Basics and/or 2014 Ethics and Compliance certification modules on or before August 27, 2013, must read the additional required module content provided via the link below prior to marketing or selling for the 2014 plan year.

Each year, UnitedHealthcare releases its annual certification modules in mid-summer to allow agents ample time to certify for the new selling season that begins October 1. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) generally do not release updated Medicare Marketing Guidelines (MMG) and/or training requirements until after the release of the modules. Therefore, UnitedHealthcare must provide agents who have already begun or completed an affected module with any modified or missing content to ensure they have received all required information.

According to our records, you have attempted and/or completed 2014 Medicare Basics and/or 2014 Ethics and Compliance certification modules. Therefore, you are required to click on the following link and read the certification update for 2014.

Certification Updates to 2014 “Medicare Basics” and “Ethics and Compliance”


  • You do not need to retake any completed module. Just click the above link and read the additional required information.
  • If you began 2014 Medicare Basics and/or 2014 Ethics and Compliance on or before August 27, 2013 and plan to return for completion, you must complete the module(s) and read the information in the above link to certify for 2014.
  • You will not receive any confirmation that you clicked the link and there is no submit button to press upon reading the information. Do not email any kind of ad hoc attestation of reading the content to the Compliance mailbox or UnitedHealthcare Producer Help Desk.

Thank you for your attention to this information. We look forward to supporting you during the upcoming selling season.

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August 28, 2013. Confidential and proprietary. For internal/agent use only. Do not distribute.