An Online Update for Mutual of Omaha’s Brokerage Sales Partners

August 7, 2013


How will you save your next UL sale?

Why quote Guaranteed Universal

Life (GUL) premiums to 120 when you can dial back the guarantee closer to life expectancy and save the insured big dollars over the life of the contract?

Making Charitable Giving Part of Your Clients’ Estate Plans

Life insurance can play a unique role in your clients’ charitable giving plans. How can
you help?

Underwriting Staff Announcement

Welcome Mandi Keller as
Manager of our Life Express Underwriting Team

Long Term Care

Demonstrating the Need for LTC

Use these three questions to help your clients understand the need for LTCi.


Mutual Colorado Outline Correction

Additional copy regarding rate class and the household discount has been added to the Mutual Colorado outline of coverage.

Rate Adjustments 

Upcoming rate adjustments: Plan N in Nebraska; 2010

Modernized in Alabama, Idaho, Iowa and Kentucky; and 1990 Standardized in


Consumer and Producer Tools Available for DI Discounts

Fill your toolbox with consumer and producer materials designed to help build a bigger, more loyal clientele.


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Not intended for use by the general public.

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