An Online Update for Mutual of Omaha's Independent Distributors



Quote It Now
No more rates sheets and calculators. This tool allows you to enter your client’s information and get an instant quote.

TLA and the “Protector” Buyer
The middle market is an under-served group when it comes to insurance sales. While there isn’t a quick and easy way to connect with this market, you can do your part to learn what drives decision-making tendencies.

Long-Term Care

Don’t Forget the Family- LTC Sales Tip
Take a look at this great LTC sales tip. It may assist you in your next LTC sale.

Medicare Supplement

Rate Adjustments
View details of upcoming rate adjustments.


Income Protection with Long-Term Disability Rate Reduction
Recent rate reductions have enhanced Mutual of Omaha’s competitiveness in the LTD market. Check out the details.

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