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Top 10 Reasons You Can Confidently Place Your
LTCi Business with Us

If you’ve ever tuned in to watch David Letterman, you’ve probably seen his
Top 10 List. You know… the top 10 New York tourist attractions, or Mr.
Wizard’s top 10 science experiments, or the top 10 lessons we learned from
Woodstock. Stuff like that. Well, we have a Top 10 List, too. The top 10
reasons you can feel confident about placing your LTCi business with
Mutual of Omaha.

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On a Related Note

Promise Kept

Since 1987, Mutual of Omaha has paid $712 million in benefits to LTCi
policyholders. In 2012 alone, we paid $86.8 million in LTCi claims. That’s
an average of $7.2 million per month.

Learn more about how we’re keeping promises to our
LTCi policyholders