What is more important than family?

At Forethought Life Insurance Company, we understand the importance of taking care of loved ones. Since 1985, we have been helping families overcome the financial stress that can come with
end-of-life planning by providing value and peace of mind through final expense life insurance coverage.

Forethought® FreedomSM is a whole life insurance policy for end-of-life expenses that offers
these supplemental benefits at no extra charge:

  • Accelerated Death Benefit – provides the opportunity for the owner to receive benefits
    if a licensed physician has determined that the insured has a terminal condition with a life expectancy of six months or less.
  • Accidental Death Benefit – pays an additional benefit equal to the face value of the
    policy, in addition to the basic death benefit if the insured dies as a result of an accident.3
  • Grandchildren’s Benefit – covers the unexpected loss of an eligible grandchild ages
    six months to 22 years old with a payout of up to $5,000.

Planning ahead is one way your clients can feel confident they are taking
care of the ones they love.



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Forethought Freedom’s important supplemental benefits, you can
provide their families added security without additional premium.

business packets and other materials you need to get started are
available on the agent login section of forethought.com, under the
Order Forms and Materials tab or the Final Expense tab.

Give your clients the
freedom to be worry-free with ForethoughtFreedom

Visit forethought.com or
(888) 606-6372 or final.expense@forethought.com to learn more.



may vary by state. Not all supplemental benefits are available in all states. Not all supplemental benefits are available with all risk classifications.


Less any policy loans, premiums due, and a transaction fee. The policy terminates following payment of the Accelerated Death Benefit and cannot by reinstated. Not available for all risk classifications. May not be available during the first 12 or 24 months.


Available to issue ages 50 through 70 only. Coverage terminates on the policy anniversary following attained age 75. Not available for all risk classifications.


All coverage under this benefit terminates on the earlier payment of one Grandchildren’s Benefit or termination of the base policy for any reason. Grandchildren age 18 and older at policy issue will not be covered. Coverage for each grandchild expires when the grandchild reaches age 22.

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