Aflac Medicare Supplement Agent Communication

Med Supp Rate Adjustment



A rate adjustment for Michigan has been approved. The rate change is effective for all new business received on or after  September 10, 2013
The revised application kit can be downloaded 
immediately by clicking here
You can expect 
to receive a printed shipment of the revised application kit within the next 10 days. Until you receive your shipment, simply log on to where you can download and print the application kit

Please refer to the points below to determine which rates should be applied for new applications:

  • All Medicare Supplement applications received before September 10, 2013 will receive the current rates. Please see information below for specific cutoff times. 

  • Any Medicare Supplement application received on or after September 10, 2013 will receive the 9-10-13 rates. Please see information below for specific cutoff times.

The process for determining when to use the new rates for new business is based on the application date. The application must be received the day prior to the effective date of the rate adjustment to receive the “current” rates.The requested effective date has no bearing on the new rates. Only the app received date will determine the use of the new rates.

  • Any faxed Medicare Supplement application received before 7 pm CST on Monday, September 9, 2013 will receive the current rates.  Faxed apps received after 7 pm CST will receive the new rates. 
  • Applications received by mail or delivery service after 2 pm CST on Monday, September 9, 2013 will receive the new rates.