I was honored to be interviewed by Suzanne Roberts, an Emmy award-winning actress, director, producer and television host, for her 14 year old show, Seeking Solutions with Suzanne, a nationally broadcasted daily and weekly information / entertainment show targeted to an older adult audience.

The 4:32 minute segment airs today on CNN Headline News at 1:24 EST and as part of a half-hour show at 7:30 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 28th on the local Comcast station. (FYI, Suzanne is also married to Ralph Roberts, a co-founder of Comcast, and their son Brian is the current CEO.) If you miss it, you can easily pick it up on the show’s website.

This was a very special interview because the show flew two sets of my clients into Philadelphia to be interviewed as well. Randy and Patty Keith are clients mainly because of the experience with Randy’s parents, Fred and Ella Keith, who were also my clients:

Fred and Ella Keith bought policies on July 18, 1991 at ages 66 and 59. She paid $832.40 until she had a severe stroke just before her 65th birthday in 1996 and was in a skilled nursing facility on her 65th birthday. She never recovered from this devastating stroke and required 24-hour care. She received $304,597.00 between 2002 and her death on May 27, 2010. She was home the entire time. I sold them $60 a day for home and facility care, 100 day waiting period, unlimited benefit period and of course 5% compound inflation for life. At the end the policy was paying $129 per day. It covered about forty percent of total costs and the family used her money to pay the rest at anywhere from $10 to $13.50 an hour. Considering she was able to stay home all those years and had paid less than $5000 in premium, it was an incredible deal for this family.

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