A long-term care (LTC) planning awareness group will be using the Long-Term Care Awareness Month campaign as a chance to talk about the need for critical illness planning.

The 3in4 Association will be releasing two television commercials for the LTC awareness campaign, which starts in November, and is hoping television stations will use the commercials in public service awareness (PSA) slots.

One of the new PSAs shows a bicycle rider who has to swerve to avoid rocks as he rides along the highway. In that commercial, an announcer talks about the need for critical illness planning and encourages viewers to talk to a long-term care planner.

The other PSA, which is still in production, will encourage consumers to work with a long-term care planning specialist.

The association has also licensed its logo to Target lead. The lead-generation company has already started generating LTCI leads and is about to start generating critical illness insurance, reverse mortgage and life insurance leads to go with the LTCI leads, according to Jonas Roeser, the group’s president.

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