American Independent Marketing Offers a FREE downloadable e-Guide, Surviving Critical Illness Financially To Help your clients understand this new challenge.

American Independent Marketing has announced the availability of its free downloadable e-Guide to critical illness insurance which offers an affordable way for individuals to ensure they are protected if diagnosed with a critical illness or condition. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance recently featured information about the importance of critical illness insurance on page three of its annual retirement guide, which offers numerous articles on programs and services that should be considered in retirement planning.

A critical illness policy can provide an affordable way for individuals to receive cash upon the diagnosis of a critical illness or condition. According to a joint study in 2005 conducted by Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical, more than 1.4 million Americans declared bankruptcy due to medical bills. Surprisingly, most of those bankrupted by illness had health insurance; more than three-quarters were insured at the start of the bankrupting illness. However 38 percent had lost coverage at least temporarily by the time they filed for bankruptcy.

The free eGuide from American Independent Marketing features information for individuals and employers to explore this option. To view TV segments on critical illness insurance, read the article from Kiplinger’s and download the free eGuide titled Surviving Critical Illness Financially, visit