Consumers Find That Health Insurance Is Not Enough: Critical Illness Insurance Spotlighted on TV Segments Nationwide; Experts Offer Free Guide

According to the American Association of Critical Illness, 1.5 million Americans will declare bankruptcy this year – 60 percent of them due to medical bills (a 50% increase over the last six years). Surprisingly, 78 percent of them have health insurance but are still unable to meet the high cost of deductibles, co-payments and daily living expenses. A new educational platform,, has been launched to help consumers better understand the benefits of supplemental solutions like Critical Illness Insurance to help fill the gaps.

“While health insurance does a decent job paying for most hospital, doctor and prescription drug expenses, there are far too many costs it just doesn’t cover – which can result in severe financial hardship,” explained John Wane, founder of the platform which is supported by American Independent Marketing (AIM). “You’ll still need to compensate for lost income, pay the mortgage and cover everyday expenses. Health care reform won’t improve this situation; consumers need to find other ways to help themselves and a critical illness policy is a great place to start.”

A critical illness policy can provide an affordable way for individuals to receive cash upon the diagnosis of a critical illness or condition. The new web site features more information for individuals and employers to explore this option, including a free downloadable guide, Surviving Critical Illness Financially.

To promote the launch of the site and start educating Americans on the benefits of a critical illness policy, Wane’s experts recently appeared on morning shows in Tucson, Omaha and Las Vegas where they discussed critical illness insurance, why it’s gaining popularity and what to look for when considering a policy.

To see the TV segments and download the free guide Surviving Critical Illness Financially, please visit