The first time that James Daoust, Jr. visited his clients, Joe and Theresa Mollicone, the couple rolled out a tray of cannolis. James became their financial advisor and over the next three decades sampled countless Italian specialties in the couple’s home. “He got hooked on Italian desserts,” Theresa says. Their close relationship is the reason the Mollicone’s are living comfortably today instead of struggling after a health crisis.

In the early years, James had helped the Mollicones with retirement plans as well as life, disability and health insurance, all of which they had to address on their own because each was self employed. Joe owned an excavation business, and Theresa ran a clothing boutique.

As Joe approached his 65th birthday and his disability insurance was about to expire, James suggested long-term care insurance. The Mollicones were initially hesitant, but neither wanted to be a burden to the other or to their two adult children, so they purchased policies.

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