List of AIM Accident PlansThe sale of supplemental health insurance of all types is on the rise, including Personal Accident plans. That’s why we’ve beefed up our portfolio – we now have Accident plans from five different carriers, each with their own unique advantages.

Take American General’s Accident Expense Plus plan for example.

Ideal for:

  • Anyone who has a major medical plan with a significant deductable or large co-payments
  • Anyone with limited access to health care providers
  • Anyone seeking to reduce their out-of-pocket health care expenses

Producer Benefits

  • Attractive compensation – not affected by health care reform
  • Guaranteed issue – no underwriting, no medical exam required
  • Simplified process – online applications with eSignature and voice signature available*
  • Multiple payment options – including recurring credit card and EFT
  • New opportunities – great cross sell for life insurance customers

Case Studies:

• Maria, 33, Graphic Designer
A broken leg won’t stop this leap into self-employment (Click for more)

• Jack, 16, Rising Basketball Star
Out-of-network specialist is an affordable part of the team (Click for more)

• Janet, recreational downhill skier
Problem: Knee injury resulted in $12,650 of medical bills and three weeks lost compensation. (Click for more)