All over the world, people are making their New Year’s Resolutions for 2020. Some may be committing to exercising more, some may want to save more money. Whatever it is, people are setting goals with the hope of better themselves in the new year.

But what about professional resolutions? What goals can you set now that will help you grow your LTC business in 2020? We have a few in mind to help you get started…


1. Commit to starting more LTC conversations.

Whether the main purpose of a client meeting is LTC or not, you can always work it into the conversation and be prepared to show your clients why it’s so important.

2. Take the time to listen to your clients.

There are three primary reasons people purchase LTCi policies.

1) To not have to depend on family to provide care

2) To have the option to recover at home

3) To protect assets

Take the time to listen to your clients and find out their reason why. Wait until you understand the problem before offering a solution.


 3. Get smart with social media.

Social media will only become more essential to your business and technology continues to develop, so get ahead of the curve and meet your clients where they are.

Not all platforms are the same. Here’s a hint: Facebook is best for building casual relationships. Twitter is best for making connections with carriers and other agents. LinkedIn is your business card. Posting appropriate content to each platform is essential to effectively using social media to grow your business.

By the way, AIM is on social media and we want to connect with you! Join our new LTC Facebook community HERE. In this group, we post sales ideas and tools you can use to help you grow your business as well as offer a platform to connect with AIM and other agents.


4. Re-visit prospects who weren’t ready to buy in the past.

The start of a new decade is the perfect time to start fresh with prospects you’ve had who weren’t ready to buy in the past.