If you are in the Med Supp business and want to start making more money and having more time on your hands read on.

For your first three Mutual of Omaha Med Supp e-apps, AIM will pay you a $100 bonus for each E-app. Here’s the kicker – you have to write three and you have to write them by the end of June.

That gives you a full two months to get the job done!

So why are we doing this? We’re doing this because we know it takes more than one e-app to get you through the learning curve and we’re confident that once you write three, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to keep going. And by continuing, we’re confident that you will become much more efficient and more successful. One of our agents has written over $25,000 in premium in the last two weeks; all in the comfort of his home. He didn’t spend a nickel on gas or waste time driving all over heck. What’s in it for us? Well, we share in your success and we’re willing to invest the time, effort and money into it.

Would you like a private training session to help you get through the learning curve? Call us – we’d be happy to spend as much time as you need!